-From the impression, of a standard for: Perfect, class.

Bendik Viking Laland - science artist & researcher.

Three, quarters: Classic method, in mathmatics.

Two, new: Numbers. For, simplicity in: Mathmatics.


The, new BVL: Numbers. Are to, make the: 10 x & 100% values. Into, an: Easier, calcyle.


The, 12 x: Calculations. Are to, be the: New 10 x. This is, easier because: 6, has two halves. And 6, is the: Half 12. It also makes, it easier to: Calculate higher, numbers.


Hopefully, these: Numbers. Will make, it easier: To, do mathmatics.


The, 12 x: Calculation, method. Leads, to: Binary, numerics.

Artwork title: [# .023] Chain Generation : 30.000. -
Chain, values.

Artwork title: [# .023] Chain Generation : 30.000. - 30.000, number: Values = 36.000, chain values.

Three Quarters. “1 - 10 / 3, 6, 9, 12.”

Three Quarters. “1 - 200 / 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.”

Date, published: 25/05-2018.

Date, modified: 21/06-2018.

Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.

The new BVL, style: “et (r'n) al.

Chain, generative: Engine.


The, new BVL: Style. Is, codenamed: “et (r'n) al.” This, is to: Symbol, eternity. By, the BVL: “Chain generation.” Project, start: 2002. This, is a: Massive numeric, value. In fact, what that you may: Sense. As, being a: Value, out of the chain generative. Is only, a tiny slight: Part, of the complete number. From: 2002.


This used, to be: A part, of the (pre)PRG project. But has, now: Fallen into, a category. By: Its, own. The, chain: Document. Are, to be: Read vertically, downwards.


Chains, are to be: Expansion, examples. And, further: Goals, in art & science. Or, something: Wished to be, put in new height. Tensioning, for example a: Mind, in chain stretch. Is, an interesting: Opportunity, always. Yet, Bendik did: Start hes, lapsed mind machinery. Already, in year: 2009. He, is already: Operating, with enough space.


Research, involving the: Chain. Might for example, be: When something immense, is needed. The chain, may of course: Represent, any kind of force / facility.

Artwork title: [# .047] Value Construct. -
An abstract image, of the: Generations, chain.

Artwork title: [# .047] Value Construct. - An abstract description, of the: Generations, in chain. The way, they were in: 2014.

Link, to the: Chain, generation.

Date, published: 17/02-2018.

Date, modified: 21/06-2018.

Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.

BVL : poems.

Lyrics, of: Rhymes.

  • Norwegian written poem, about a goat in: Rising, height.
    “Fjellgeit, på: Jordstunet.”

    Time required, to read: 10, minutes.

    Temporal coverage, in years: 2018 / 2019.

    Interactivity, type: Expositive.

    Licence: © BVL.

    Word, encoding: Norwegian, pride.

    Origin: Unknown, book.

    Version: 19.11.

    Perceptible state & physical, form: Standard A4, print.

    Sponsored, by: Adobe, InDesign.

    Creative: Rhymes.

    Meadow, in: Bloom.

    Wild & high: Goat.

    The ace, of: Cwes.

    Writings, of: Memory.

    Flower: Bed.

    Copyright, holder: BVL.

    Content, access mode: Textual.

    Final result, effect: Entertainment & language.

    Recommended, age range: yr 20 - 50.

    Category: Stoner.

    Audience: High, people.

    Wild & high: Goat.

    Meadow, in: Bloom.

    Translator: Google, translate.

    Resource, type: Modern, lyrics & poetry.

    Researcher, status: New Norwegian, Writer.

    Keywords: High, natural, simple, describing, bright, herd, pristine.

    # 014. “Sleep, in my: Bed, of flowers.” - I, will: Keep you, well fed. And I, would: Never lose, the grip. You would, always: Come back, to me. This is, the: “Afflictive science, of: Addition.”

    “As you, do feast upon: My, wisdom. Grant, me: Strength, for the competition.” - And, dont: Make me, charge.

    A, poem. With, rhymes about: A, mountain goat. Being, climbing the: Height, of the sun. The goat, is perhaps only: Climbing, for himself.

    # 015. This really, are not a: Love based, writing. This is rather, of “the: Sun, that shines.” And with, a certain: Natural, herding practice. Stone, carved & true: Power of the liquid & fiery, oil dross caches.

    Poem: “Mountain Goat, On The Fields Of Earth.”

    Date, published: 15/12-2017.

    Date, modified: 19/04-2018.

    Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.

  • Norwegian written, poem about some: Graffiti, rise.

    “Kvadet, om: Kvesset.”

    Time required, to read: 10, minutes.

    Interactivity type: Expositive.

    Temporal coverage, in years: 2018 / 2019.

    Licence: © BVL.

    Word, encoding: Graffiti & alphabetics.

    Origin: Los Terroristos, El Bomberos.

    Version: 32.05.

    Perceptible state & physical form: Standard A4, print.

    Sponsored, by: Adobe InDesign.

    All over, the: Line.

    Sliding, markers: Fully, across.

    Creative: Rhymes.

    Sneaky silence, in the: Dark, night.

    Being painting, on the: Trains.

    As a, night rail: Disco.

    Copyright holder: BVL.

    Content, access mode: Textual.

    Final result, effect: Entertainment & language.

    Recommended, age range: yr 20 - 50.

    Category: Graffiti, riddles & rhymes.

    Audience: Graffiti, writers.

    Fat cap, throw: Ups, dunsting & sticky.

    Hasty ripp ins, fills the outlines with: Light, for tonight.

    Translator: Google, translate.

    Resource, type: Modern, lyrics & poetry.

    Researcher, status: New Norwegian, Linguist..

    Keywords: Rails, whispers, high, technical, night, joy, aesthetics.

    “There, are: Whispers, in the bushes.” - Chrome filled & terror, outlined: Straight, letters. With, the: Bright red, second outlines. Among with, some older: Marker, tags. Heads on, for “the: Devastation” without, a scent of fear.

    “Ripp-ins fills, the lines with: Light, for tonight.” - Heavy destructive vandalism, for the: “Damaged, beauty.

    A: Poem. With rhymes, inspired from: The graffiti, art styles & train rampages. “Quickly pulling, the: Longest, lines.”

    With a self character, presenting as a: Being, of the grandeur. “Creative prodigy, in the most: Dancing, styles.”

    Poem: “Words About, The Pencil Residues.”

    Date, published: 15/12-2017.

    Date, modified: 19/04-2018.

    Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.

BVL : Scientific & innovative, formula: Instructions. - Learn basic & creative: Invention. - 2 / 3 months, coarsing.

Formula, for: Innovation & Invention.

Developing geometric construction & understanding for: Variation, in shape functions & practice. You, would be: Altering & growing. With, original: Invention & innovation.

Month: # 1 / 3. Open if, starting up in: The, first: Month. Of the, eventual & future: Innovative, research progress.

Shape, flurry: Spread. Creativity + implementation = innovation.

Prepare with, the fact that: Any, human mind. Inhabits, eternals of: Powers & capacity. Imagine a production, of seasonally tagged: Triangles, squares and circles. Dont think too much, about: The tagging, just yet. Just, make sure that: You keep the shapes, with: Tags on, and in a sequensive system. Then, variate & spread the imaginary geometrics, about: Your surroundings.

Try, to: Establish a 3 rd dimensional step, of geometric & structural, x-ray analysis. And, start over. Upon, with your: Earlier step. You should continue, by only: Walking around, in your room. And, try to completely: Understand. Any items operative: Functions & objective practice.

Get a grip, for: Variations, in base geometry. And, do only observe: The items. Interaction, should: Not be, needed. You should, be: Everywhere & maintaining! Focus: Self realizable end practice, and relatives. And, keep this: Running, as a processive engine. Of, mass: Production. Variativelly, develop: Geometric understanding. By experimenting, with: Special shaping & construction. For about: One, month.

Attempt, to: Slowly increase, the amount of shapes & compactivity.

Artwork, title: [# .014] Last First.

Artwork, title: [# .014] Last First.

Month: # 2 / 3. Open if in, the second month of the: Innovation & development, planwork & research phases.

Gathering, all: Item, geometry.

Make, a completely: Free & unrecompensed composition. An abstract & formal: Documentive, artwork. By chanelling formal & raw data, through a: Geometric language. Or use some other art, that you: Already, have. Variate, the shapes upon: The artwork.

If you do not believe, in your own & completely: Momentary performance, in the abstract & formal analytics. Then, you should: Start to prepare. For technically, artistic: Product, expression. Establish methods, in: Mind & meta machinery. Based, on the: First month. And, do: Remember about time, light and space. Possibly being, as a combinational: Resource.

If you have, an artwork: Ready, now. Then, proceed to the: Next months steps, and follow. This, should be a classic / untitled & possibly detailed, visual painting / drawing. The, above is a: “Specialized & Serial Re-inventive, art work.”

Key, Base Geometry : triangle, circle, square

Base, key: Geometry.

Month: # 3 / 3. Open if in the third month, of the: Artistic & creative, research period.

Objective & original: Display.

Attempt, to: Unload. All, of the tagged: Geometrics & experiments. Into, the chosen: Artwork. The work titling, would informally contain: “One month, of Special Geometric Understanding & Experimental Construction, in a Variative Development”

If you are, the: Original, artist. Only then, you may: Declare, the artwork. About, having: Anything, to do with your geometrics. Yet, the formal: Mapping of the tagged, geometry & directions. May be completed, with any: Abstract & artistic, shape work. You, may try with: Different, types of art. After unloading, the: Shapes. Then, the complete result, should: Display, instantly. Or, after the next: Working, wave. The displayed sequences, would: Contain, samples. Of mostly, the original: Kind.

Do, store the: Geometric overview. Inside pools, of: Your eternal, mind capacity. Bounce: Periodical & alphanumeric. Through with, the: Sequensive tags. Of, general: Geometry. The sequences, would be: Your, formal workspace. Where you eventualy, would be: Altering & growing. With, original: Innovation & invention.

Artwork, title: [# .071] Auto Inventive.

Artwork, title: [# .071] Auto Inventive.

Date, published: 29/09-2017.

Date, modified: 10/02-2018.

Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.

VELOPT / (pre)PRG / LIG(hts) / et(rn)al.
BVL : categorization.

    Four main, editional language: Style specifications, for “Graffiti Psychedelia & Slug On.”

  • № 4 / 4. (VELOPT.) - a'z (&:) an. - TIME (difference.)

    Innovation & invention.

    Calculating: Omniscience. - Research, of: Human equality & methodic rights. Seeking & uncovering every knowledge, describing / expanding / defining artistic research, on: Innovation technology & artificial, intelligence. Schematic mass drivels, of: Terminologic finesse systems, set in differences. Flowing: Classic Abstract, Graffiti Psychedelia & layered / modular: Mass, drivels. Paradisiacal, electro godhead / The paradise core heart & brain, calculating: Human behaviour & needs / wishes.

    Pre reactive computing & auto interaction, from user defined: Hammer, head. Installed, original & outstanding: Research. VELOPT art, consists of: Six directives, of change. 1. Increasive, detail & descriptive: Extension. / 2. Displaying, analysis & improving: Development. / 3. Minimal, decreasive & spaced: Room. / 4. Detailed, selection & innovative: Drift. / 5. Transformable, reactives & morph: Difference / 6. Shaping, keywords & definite: Symbolism.

    This was, how that: The keywords, where shaped. Complete compositional: Development & the starting, of chosen system setting.

  • № 3 / 4. (pre)PRG. - TL &: (sl.) - SPACE (prediction.)

    Lapsed space, in: Loop.

    Acting: Predictional / constant. - Research, of: Light / space / time, in mediums. Giant machinal & nano technologic: Enstancarsement, of high eternal dimentionizement - Advanced experiment hall, for: Industrial theoretics & invention / reinvention: Manualization & schematical systematization, of card file terminology.

    Eternal & lapsed: Deconstruction & spaced, loop. Time, in light speed & still: Space. Predictive, electro: Reactor, in a capable constant. Globally, encompassing meta: Signaling, as spaced wave conductors. The highest actions performed, as the: First, output.

    Timeless & gradient definite, range of: Universal gray tones, in scaled quantity.

  • № 2 / 4. LIG(hts.) - (l'b) &: BS. - LIGHT (rotation.)

    Bending light, into: Break.

    Breaking: Natural, base foundry. - Research, of: Paradisiacal beginning & future, mappings. Paradisiacal & total, light bound: Manipulatable mirrorization, of rhythm & flow. Particle / dark: Material / light speed, research. Experimentally, visioning & stimulating: Predictiveness of global history & faciliating, machinal paradise. Possibly degrading, into some: Other result, of the same technology.

    Float, minimalised & generalistic: Light binding / light bending, of natural replenishment. Nano: Particle & boson based, alchemy / Global & transformal, complete chosen manipulation. Paradisiacal: Preparation & construct. Gathering: Universal, speed. Extracted, originality & unique: Subject, from: The future, times.

    Signing over, and displaying: Current, invention.

  • № 1 / 4. et(rn)al. - (CG &: LL.) - VALUE (power.)

    Chain, generative: Engine.

    The, chain: Generations, value stockpile. - Numbers, upon: Numbers, of values. This is, a massive: Calculation, in increase. The amounts are, so immense that: There were, made discovery. Inside, of: “World, distance.” The number, starts at: An, eternal.

    It is, used for: Strengthening & tensioning, any meta machinery. Suddenly, the the: Values are, rising high. The amounts, would be: Counting around, the maximal limits.

    Increasing, the: Amount, of geometric shapes. In, the: Innovation, formula.

Date, published: 08/10-2015.

Date, modified: 12/10-2018.

Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.

View, the: BVL - artistic science & system, manual schematics @ the web gallery.

BVL - “#E&4.” : Schematic, base manualism.

Standard manual, for: problems, in science.

Simply justify imprint, and scale difficulty by: Drival, distance.

# 12 ' 96,72 : Research standards & Strength Manifesto.# 04 ' 32,24 x 3 &: / 24 &: x 6= Rectangular setup, for: Calculative levels.

There, are: 4 x: Calculative quadratives, per category.# 06 ' 48,36.” &: / 2 =# 03 ' 24,18.” &: / 6 x 2 = 2 x: Minor & Major, Calculation levels & = @:# 01 ' 08,06.”

# 03 ' 24,18 x2 / 12= Triple & secondary: Keywording. One singular, calculative level @ 100 %, ends @:# 00 ' 54,03.”

For: Warm love. - Against: Bitter hatered.

# - 4 x = # 01'81,04-5 - 3 x

For: Warm love.

1<3 -# 01'27,01-5 - 1 x

Against: Bitter hatered.

For: Harmonic peace. - Against: Chaotic warfare.

# - 8 x = # 02'62,09-0 - 3 x

For: Harmonic peace.

1<3 -# 02'54,03-0 - 2 x

Against: Chaotic warfare.

For: Natural climate. - Against: Toxic waste.

# - 12 x = # 03'43,13-5 - 3 x

For: Natural climate.

1<3 -# 03'54,04-5 - 3 x

Against: Toxic waste.

For: Happy health. - Against: Depressive disease.

# - 4 x = # 04'24,18-0 - 3 x

For: Happy health.

1<3 -# 04'08,06-0 - 4 x

Against: Depressive disease.

For: Dual justice. - Against: Crime & corruption.

# - 8 x = # 05'05,22-5 - 3 x

For: Dual justice.

1<3 -# 05'35,07-5 - 5 x

Against: Crime & corruption.

For: Creative solutions. - Against: Stupid catastrophes.

# - 12 x = # 06'86,27-0 - 3 x

For: Creative solutions.

1<3 -# 06'62,09-0 - 6 x

Against: Stupid catastrophes.

For: Inspiring intelligence. - Against: Dry drifting.

# - 4 x = # 07'67,31-5 - 3 x

For: Inspiring intelligence.

1 <3 -# 07'89,10-5- 7 x

Against: Dry drifting.

For: Economic equality. - Against: Capital diagonality.

# - 8 x = # 08'48,36-0 - 3 x

For: Economic equality.

1<3 -# 08'16,12-0 - 8 x

Against: Capital diagonality.

For: Positive float. - Against: Negative reduction.

# - 12 x = # 09'29,40-5 - 3 x

For: Positive float.

1<3 -# 09'43,13-5- 9 x

Against: Negative reduction.

For: Scientific knowlege. - Against: Religious brainwashing.

# - 4 x =# 10'10,45-0- 3 x

For: Scientific knowledge.

1<3 -# 10'70,15-0- 10 x

Against: Religious brainwashing.

For: Friendly freedom. - Against: Slaving captivity.

# - 8 x =# 11'91,49-5- 3 x

For: Friendly freedom.

1<3 -# 11'97,16-5- 11 x

Against: Slaving captivity.

For: Aesthetic correction. - Against: Failing error.

# - 12 x =# 12'72,54-0- 3 x

For: Aesthetic correction.

1<3 -# 12'24,18-0- 12 x

Against: Failing error.

The, computers: Prayer and industrialism, beginning. Primary solution, plan: “A”.

What do you think, that is the: Industrialism, origin?

The ultimate system standard, for: Diagonal ending & limitless economy, supporting: Fair ethics. - The Dawn, of: Industrialism.

These prayers, are what that: Inspired, for the computers age. These prayers, contain: Our age's most important system, since the commandments. This system, would eventually: End, all warfare. Among with solving, most other common problems, like diseases. Our drugs, would become: Healthy. Humans, would go back to: Our great “flowing pack.” Like, before the first: Arrow heads, and before the original fences.

These prayers revolution, contains: So much important news. That it, must be: Taken, into concideration. This, is where: Capitalism, would symbolize this system. And, communism would mean: Free pickup & trade agreements. Whereunder, something like “gathering” would: Be forbidden, with jail penality.

The only way, to: Prevent warfare, is to strike at it´s poverty roots.

Read, about the: Prayers - “Comprayer.pdf”

There is a fact, that childhood: Competition. Does have, one: Marching front, of capital giants. Which then, later on is: Resulting in, another poles poverty. No matter how, that someone would: Twist, or bend on it. This eventually, results in disasters like: Warfare. Just as, greatness & downfall does: Walk, hand in hand. Yet there is, no: Reason not, to have a system for it. And common work, are to: Stay in, one singular ranking only. This is because, of traditional: Human value & work value. They are, all: Equal, no matter what they say.

Capitalism has also, advanced heavily since after the: Industrialism. Probably also, outside of the: Legal, limit. Compared, to: Human skills & singular, cells / DNA travel. Yet they, were mostly just: Blind & ignorant. And not representing, natural truth: About, etics & morale. Actually only, and simply: Negative, as politics.

What if anyone, could buy: One chandelair, or a sports car. Once, every: Year? Capitalism, eventually: Capitulates. Probably will the new innovation, try to: Follow, the market. And establish 1 / 2 / 3 x quality, variants of: Unit, standard products. Being, from timeless: Seduce, and only luxury. Yet something, completely different like: A traditional, hand crafted chandelair. Would maybe, cost: 5'000 units, of value.

Date, published: 06/06-2017.

Date, modified: 03/08-2018.

Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.

detail.pdf.” Systémè Idéalè, supporting: uHelp, only. Secondary solution, plan: “B”. - Money is not, of the: Eternals.

Working theory / invention: Portfolio.

BVL : studio, Moflateveien 1 B, 3733, Skien in Grenland, Telemark, Norway. +47 9091 8053

The, detail: Logo.

The: “Detail, logo type.”

The BVL : Bendik Viking Laland / idéalè systémè - “detail.pdf.”

With numerous, amounts of: Original & practical, working theories / practical inventions.” ⋯ Supporting: Final & lowest uHelp, only. Inventive: Portfolio. ⋯ This is, a: Web preview, only.

detail.pdf:” ⋯ “detail.pdf.”

Working theories, for company: Start ups. All of them, are invented on: Laland´s draftsboard. Whereunder the drafts, would be categorized: Artistic systems, of schematic & formal schemes. Or: Artistic company / industry / market, innovation & invention. All surplus outcome, will be funding: uHelp only. Just the most needed monthly salary, and the just as needed: Resources. Will be sponsored as long, as the current work lies under the: Detail, group.

The detail group, is aiming for: Building up, a rock stable capital. Always increasing, by: Detail´s underlying companies, in the beginning. And hopefully, getting into: Banking & growth funding, later on. We, will: Literally invent, the cash rain machine! Of course, we can revolutionize: Capitalism, in that way. Capitalism might reach the same revolutions, by Bendik´s research project: VELOPT (innovation, technology). Or, by the: Computers prayer, plan A. Detail.pdf, is ment as a: Donation, of value.

UNICEF & Red, Cross.

detail - Bank Accounts.

BVL : detail - Holdings.

Total monthly, run costs: “750.000 €.”

25 %: Rate.

Total, start up costs: “150.000 €.”

15 years.



Interest Rate

Min / Max, Opening Amount



BVL : detail - Resources, Rentals & Worker Payment.

50 %: Out of, the total: Surplus, outcome.

0,0 to € 0,1.



BVL : detail - Direct Help.

40 %: Out of, the total: Surplus, outcome.

0,0 to € 0,1.



BVL : detail - Banking, 10 %.

10 %: Out of, the total: Surplus, outcome.

0,0 to € 0,1.



BVL : detail - Investor Capital, 100 %.

100 %: Being, the total: Costs.

0,0 to € 0,1.

Internet, Mail, Telephone.

Original & instinctive: DNA map, of world history.

Travel the world's DNA, by: Free, drivels.

Calculating the veloptive formula, and it's assigned modules. Explaining & discovering: Descriptive, numeric values.

Alphabetic, and numeric sheet. Published, for researching: Visual graffiti derival schematics. Research, presented as scientifically original: Instinctive, DNA & world history mapping.

This sheet, does have: Two, raw scans. Both of them, are from somewhere, inside of: Bendik´s mind.

DNA mapping, of: World history.

This is, the derived: Manual scheme, for DNA mappings.

View, the: DNA mapping, as a “printable pdf.”

  • Numeric difference & scan: Impressions.

    Veloptive calculations, of the: Descriptive, numeric assignations. Discovering, the: DNA travelling & communication. The numbers, were to: Describe their connected word, further out. Only, by: Simple logics. The numbers, were appearently: A creative code. The codes, have been translated into: A textual, set of words. The textual part, is ment as a: Alphabetic description, for the numeric code difference. The codes, were originally a: Brain impression, of veloptive techniques. That is what, that were manually: Scanned, from Bendik´s mind.

  • Inverted & normal result: An instinctive DNA, history map.

    Theory & instructions, for: Future, realming. This, is the logical & derived: Result, of the numeric values, from both the normal & the negative, scans. This scheme, provides: Great knowledge of humans past, present and future. And, are great for deriving: Other entry points. Possibly, may this DNA map, be sorted for: The alphabetic, calculator. And, the final & reinventive: Length lines, could be brute forced & finished. That, would open for: Questioning, with any part of the mapped history.

  • Future estimations: Paradisiacal, engineering.

    The final, four words: Dreaming, light binding / breaking / bending, rhythm, and flow. They are the final, main research fields that are: Needed, on planet earth. Before the globe, are to enter what Bendik, claims to be: Paradise, forever. "Dreaming", is about: Informativelly, setting up what later would be Paradise. "Split light", is when the Dream setup, have reached: The Paradise machine / humans machinal godlikeness. “Rhythm” comes, when humans have inhabited: The Paradise machine. And, when they are recreating: Love, drugs and such fun. As of it, were being: Mass floods, being sensable & alive, for us. “Flow,” simply is: Fueling the machine, and maintaining it´s top shape, by running Paradise, in a clean route.

    There is more, of original & possibly: Globally, cooperative science. Reported, in: The veloptive, formularie terminology. The project, were finished in: © 2015. And, has inspired to, for example: The light processor.

    Bendik, may produce: Future & paradisiacal tools. The functions, of the following & linked: Tools. Have, been: Shaped & tuned, in special sound editions.

Date, published: 09/05-2015.

Date, modified: 16/11-2017.

Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.

BVL : art gallery

View, the BVL - reinventional / schematic: Draftsworks & manuals. @ the: Art gallery. BVL © 1995 / 2018.