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The detail logo.

The: “Detail logotype.”

The detail manuals, are free: Start-ups. Yet BVL, must be: Informed, of any eventual start-up. BVL must have access, to: All transcriptions. And BVL, will be: Monitoring, and inspecting the calculations. Maximal salary, to any detail recruit is: 25'000 NOK / 2'500 EUR @ yr 2015 valuta. If this, sounds interesting. Then, you may: Proceed, to the “.”

All other content, is also copyrighted by: The Noregian copyright laws. The music, is on a: Creative Commons, licence. Yet, it still is: Copyrighted.

Invention Portfolio : detail.pdf

Bendik, has been: Living, together with he's art. Therefore, he have: Discovered & invented, numerous of industrial projects. The documents, are being: Published, to u-Countries with relative potencial. If, the planned industry: Would, start up. It would, only be: From BVL - detail.pdf. Including, the written: Copyrights.

The Velopt logo.

The: “Velopt logotype.”

  • The VELOPT, Project : research reports

    Bendik, does still own: Part rights, to the VELOPT formularia. Yet, some documents have been sold, to the: Norwegian Research Council © 2013.

  • The BVL logo.

    The: “BVL logotype.”

  • BVL : Resumé Text

    The mentioned: Artistic prestiege, and the glam honour. Is, what: BVL are being inscribed, under. This, text was: Firstly written, in © 2016.

  • The electroShaman logo.

    The: “electroShaman logotype.”

  • Sound : electroShaman - Inspirational Múse

    The, artist name inside: Music. Is: electroShaman. He, did start producing in: © 2013. Yet, the original cover art: Is republished, a few extra times thereafter. The auditive data, remains the same. BVL © sound. All rights, reserved.

  • The BVL logo.

    The: “BVL logotype.”

  • Artistic, Science Gallery

    Bendik, has been: Drawing, and painting. Since: © 1988. Yet, the drawings where presented, as true art. Firstly, in: 1993. And, later: At various gallery exhibitions.

    Bendik Viking Laland © BVL 1988. All rights, reserved.