“Constant Production, of: Inventions & Inspiring Manual Schematics, in: Chain Generation.”

Prices, for the: BVL - art prints. Is, from / to: 88,00 € / 130,00 € / 185,00 €.

Prices, for the: BVL - original, art works. Is, from / to: 1'800,00 € / 3'600,00 € / 7'200,00 €.

Items will be, sent from: The Ski, Branch Land, Tundra Ground, Norway with standard Norwegian mail. Call, BVL @: +47 9091 8053.

BVL : Art Market.

Bendik wants, to increase he's global networking & span. By permitting access to, the formula documents, for: Potential art & science buyers. By opening, for: Public display - Published first, in: 2012.

Structural progress, on: Artistic & manual creation, of schematics on canvas. Created, with: MOLOTOW / POSCA, markers. 2 x: Months, of work. Being done, in the: BVL - studio.

Accessibility: Short descriptions, are: Present. And, no long: Descriptions, are needed.

Resource type: Presentation, of: BVL - artistic, research.

Month # 001. Analysis, for: Company / industry & market, understanding.

  1. # 1a. Presentation.

    The responsible agent, describes & provides: The necessary first combination, of scripted key words.

  2. # 2b. Analysis.

    Bendik, reads: The targets, eventual web page. Inspectional analysis, for: Scaled sheet, status data stacking.

  3. # 3c. Change.

    Eventual changes, are made to: The keyword sentance. Batched, research standardising.

Artwork title: [# .024] HR2P.

Artwork title: [# .024] HR2P.

Month # 002. Creative production & keyword: Drivel, calculations.

  1. # 1d. Split.

    Lots, of quick & different: Sketches, are made. Finally one “hammer head,” is: Lined up larger, on the canvas.

  2. # 2e. Calculation.

    Performing logic continuation, to the: Piece characters. On: The draft bench. Among, with the: Transpose formals & twists, as drivel of generals.

  3. # 3f. Finish.

    Photographing, and: Sending, the artwork. For: 88,00 €,- minimum. And, by: Standard Norwegian / European, mail.


A customer for the BVL - art, could for example be: “Countries in need of invention / innovation,” “research institutes,” “incubator offices,” “science facilities,” “innovative / inventive industry & other possible start ups,” “other groups that, are inventing u-Help materialism,” “someone that are, seeking answers & have a keyword based, question” or “any other, that are doing: Invention / innovation / development.”

Still BVL does enjoy the most, to sign he's art royals for the: Detail - Southern sponsorship, only. Bendik mostly, produces for the: detail document's inventives / innovatives.

He actually, hopes to: Break the capitalism, down. Once, and: For, all. By he's, backup: u-Help, vision.

The art keyword sentancement, is written in: English, only.

BVL : Re-inventionalism. - Additive, float & encompassing: Grip.

Bendik, starts to: Make hes artworks. By, drafting: Alphanumeric characters & symbols. In, a strict style of: Abstract, graffiti psychedelia. He, then: Fills in the following drivels, by drifting continuation. With, natural & heavy tensioned: Rhythm & Flow. And he does, believe that the: 12 / 27 / 42 x scripted key words. Are to be massively derived, by following: Aesthetic logic & possibly, with a re-inventive engine for news. The art, might spin in: Transforming twists, on the canvas. With difference settings, from the: Containing, art language geometry. He, has some: Special, setup installations & methodic techniques. For, constant & refreshing / renewing / replenishing: Inspirational originality, on the canvas.

Bendik, slowly: Calculates the aesthetics, within the language. And, the written words, would eventually turn into a: “Complete Final / Ultimate & Eternal, Standard Symbol of Practical Re-invention.” Based, on the: Specific scripted key words. Please do keep in mind, that: You may produce, quite a lot of news. Only, with: The, basic scripted key words. If, you: Choose, the right words.

BVL claims, graffiti drivals to be: Extensions in, a reactive network. Of product: Invention / innovation. Characters expanded, to the: Next borders, of product & practical news. This is, the first time that: Graffiti has been explained, as being true art. Bendik's graffiti art, is the original: u-Help donation, to the streets. He does believe, that he's graffiti is: The only, graffiti. And he, has been: Researching “re-inventionalism.” And he's art, is: The result, of u-Help & invention / innovation. He also, says that: He created graffiti, as a research product. For then, to: Send it, back through time. And then, to hopefully: Rise cities, under him. Bendik does, hope for: Innovation & invention, overflow.

Artwork title: [# .115] Re-inventive Working Practice

Artwork title: [# .115] Re-inventive & Working: Practice.

Taki 182, is a: Biter!

Once, when Bendik: Where trying to figure out, why he's graffiti. Would, not: Sell. He declared, it as being: Outside of, the needed aesthetics. Then the answer, stood there: Quite so, clear to him. If it did not, look: Good enough. Then there, ain't no: Question to why, that the artform is illegal. None, of the others: Could sell it, either. Because of, the kings: Declaration. Yet, it had: To, be seen. Because of, it's highly: Innovative potential.

You, may read: More about how, the art works. At, the: “BVL - Art Styles, section.”


BVL : Art package: Prints available, for sale.

Signed, machine: Prints. Selected, from the: Web site, gallery.

Re-inventive: Working, originals. - “Advanced & Abstract, Graffiti Psychedelia: Pompous Baroque.” - For research, or for: Development. - Custom: Script, key words & analysis.

Each chain generated charge value point, counts as one single: Inventive impression & productive unit result, from the artwork. The inventions, are: Discovered. After that, you have: Been creativelly visualising, with the artwork. It, might slowly: Restock, after not being viewed. Chain generative values, had to be added: For the art, not to become priceless.

Please, do: Pay notice!

56 % Chain = “Past invention & down falling values” / “42 % Chain = Future & forth falling, value dump / original invention, or innovation.” - Give cooperative, to: Retrieve!

This, is not: The same, as a “useless attempt.” Any useless attempts, are correctly: Very, rare. Possibly, a maximal of: 2 %.


Contact: BVL. - Write, a: Message, to Bendik. / Recruit Bendik, for: Artistic research & scientific, pracsis.

About, the: Availability, of Re-inventive theoretics. From, this: Web gallery.

There is, only: A few, pieces in this gallery. That is displayed, with: Open meta. Which is why, that none of them: May produce, any theory for work practice. Bendik, does not support: Free inventions, for capitalists. Only on hes own, and for: detail.pdf.

Still, there is possible with: Re-inventive & artistic practice. Which, would provide: Original & working, product theory. This is available, as “Bendik's: Analysis & research recruitment.” - Every result, is an: Original.

All of the art displayed, at this: “Gallery section,” is sold. And therefore: Only available, as the more reasonable priced prints.

BVL : web gallery. - 139 x: Art works, displayed.

Prices, for the: BVL - art prints. Is, from / to: 88,00 € / 130,00 € / 185,00 €.

Prices, for the: BVL - original, art works. Is, from / to: 1'800,00 € / 3'600,00 € / 7'200,00 €.

Items will be, sent from: The Ski, Branch Land, Tundra Ground, Norway with standard Norwegian mail. Call, BVL @: +47 9091 8053.

Artwork title: [# .025] Diving in Veloptics.

Artwork title: [# .025] Diving in Veloptics.