BVL : sound - “electroShaman.” Suggestive locomotive cruise, and: The heavy, ancient oak.

Musical, styles: Defined. Is like an overloaded, repeating value with: “Chain generatives, of memory carterages.”
  • et(rn)al. CG(&:)L'L.

    № 4. # 56'0;2-64 g.”

    Format standard: 3xE&4.

    / Difference points: 7 d / 1 d.

    08'0;6-44 g.

    <.1 d / 7 d. et(rn)al>.

    : / 7 d. - 56'0;2-64 g.

    = CG(&:)L'L

    / THC - Thetra Hydro Cannabinoide.

    / The High Command.

    1 d / 1 unit.

    : Chain Generative / Loop Lapse.

    &: 01'0;8-64 g.

  • (pre)PRG. TL&:(s'l.)

    № 3. # 26'8;2-14 g.”

    Format standard: 3xE&4.

    / Difference points: 7 d / 1 d.

    04'8;2-12 g.

    <.1 d / 7 d. (pre)PRG>.

    : / 7 d. - 27'8;2-14 g.

    = TL&:(s'l.)

    / DMT - N´N Dimethyle Tryptamine.

    / Dismount Tuned.

    7 d / 1 unit.

    : Timed Light / Space loop.

    &: 01'1;6-23 g.

  • LIG(hts.) (l'l)&:BS.

    № 2. # 01´2;9-60 g.”

    Format standard: 3xE&4.

    / Difference points: 7 d / 1 d.

    01´2;6-93 g.

    <.1 d / 7 d. LIG(hts.)

    : / 7 d. - 77´5;3-11 g>.

    = (l'l)&:BS.

    / LSD - Lysergia Diethylamide.

    / Laden Sun Dance.

    7 d / 1 unit.

    : Light loop / Break split.

    &: 00'3;7-24 g.

  • (VELOPT.) a'z (&:) an.

    № 1. # 01´2;9-60 g.”

    Format standard: 3xE&4.

    / Difference points: 3 d / 1 d.

    04'9;8-42 g.

    <.1 d / 3 d. (VELOPT.)

    : / 3 d. - 01,3;2-63 g>.

    = a'z (&:) an.

    / kPH - Alpha Methyl Phen Ethylamine.

    / kilogen Per Hundreds.

    3 d / 1 unit.

    : Light loop / Break split.

    &: 01'1;8-86 g.

Creative scheme, for: Musical, ratings. Musical category, is: “Slug On.” / “Deep, down paced dub & Trip-hop: Psychedelia, breaks.”

Quantum, of: Quality.

№ 1.

№ 2.

№ 3.

№ 4.

№ 5.






# 09 / 33.

# 15 / 33.

# 21 / 33.

# 27 / 33.

# 33 / 33.

Play: “electroShaman.” - Music albums (5 x: extended plays & 20 x: tracks - 18 hours, 20 min.)

Select and, click on the: “Album release,” that you want to play. Then click, a chosen: “Track title.” Underneath of the, displayed album: Artwork & design, image. When there, click: “Play.”

In: Microsoft, edge & explorer. There, the: Tracks & albums, are displayed automatically.

Download, the complete: electroShaman, discography. - 5 x: Albums - 20 x: Tracks. (120 mb.)

et(r'n)al / (CG &: LL.) / THC. - Durable, sound & Stretching: Play, length. - Draining, durance.

THC / The, high: Command.

Chain generation, in: Production. Of, durable: Sound scape.

View, the: BVL - Chain Generation : Stretching Dimensional & Eternal, Heap Lengths.

(pre) PRG / TL &: (sl.) / DMT. - Contemporary rhythmic, instrumental repeat & free: Beat engine, spaces. - Ancient oak.

DMT / Dismount: Tuned.

Styled values, for rhythm & harmony: vol. # "26´08+8" - format standard. Ex4 / difference points. "08'8;6-27" > "26,2.8:12" = Innovation, of: Outstanding & future, science. Original research, on: General computer technology & time-lapses.”

Predictive processing, by: Light / space / time, as "calculative installations. Rotating task mastery, on a platform of: Total constants. Possibly rebuilding: "The computer, simple.

Predictive, for researching in pre/post time, with: Massive, force brute. Further, re-tasking: Predictive force. Mapping/encoding, as a functioning: Catalogue/repeatable story.

For estimating & projecting, through: Time & space, by light. “(pre)PRG)” - Time, relay difference, in delay; and: Looping, as hardcore: Back-step & chain generativespace”-empowerment.

A, high resolution “VELOPT”-holodeck, displaying an: Abstracting, noise flow & setup plan work/construction, for installation, of the time lapsing render, in: N,N-dimethyltryptamine. This, would be floating, at the: Holo deck experiment platform. And experimenting, with: “Constant objectivity. Including methodic spheres, of: Electronic relay, as waving synth instruments. Being functioning conclusive, in "delay time" x "chain generation.” “Chain generative, reactor”-empowerment, being: Predictive & crystal. With, the: Machine, in a controlled Time lapse. Abstracting, with a noise flow & predictive: Crystal systems, with the Machine. In, a controlled: Time lapse. Finally, storing the previously: Mapped, processes. Past, in: Time. For, picking up the predicted: Massive, result data.

Its an open stream, of: Meltdown. Or, upwards: Circulating whirlwinds. Some, kind of construction; as a machinal, dynamic information of generation, in installed setup; of dual points. Complimentary: Contemporary. Inspired, and: Building a temple. Sometimes noisy, and: Extreme. Yet, “(pre)PRG” has a crystal clear: Sound. Wav format, as: Digitally, hardcoded sound quality, detail. Explaining, while expressing & deriving, by: Points.

LIG (h'ts) / (l'l)&:BS. / LSD. - Creative inspirational, machine engineering & additional noises / sound shaping - playing spheres.

LSD / Last, sun: Dance.

Styled values, for rhythm & harmony: vol. # "39´12+2" : format standard. "Ex4" / difference points. "12'2;9-42" > "43,4.2:18" = Innovation, of future: Paradisiacal encompassment. Research, of original & outstanding: Science & technology.”

Myths, of: Alchemy. Swim, in the: Times, of history. Ray-beaming, increasing: Euphoric states.Physically reconstructing, every single: Quantum. Liquid light, would float into: The home stations. Food, would simply: Spawn, here and there. People would, fire: Rays, of positive warmth & happiness, on each other. Not pistols, and rifles with: Deadly bullets. Working practice, channelling, building and obeying; the ziggurats. Among with, the energy problematics, would be: Deserted & solved.”

Multi beat & Clock work / rhythms, Formally scoping/abstracting, upon the: “Ebbing, cold/plasmatic flow & eternal, diethylamide stream.”

Activating, the pipe encounting, for: Incinerated foam/fiery, acid smoke/dross. Channeling: Liquid, “eternal oil/tar” aqueducts. “Slash & dash: Psychedelia clockwork.” Activating lysergic charge, into: Universally dimensional & total, Paradisiacal over-lapse / implode. Ending, collapsing outwards, in: Relaunching expansions.

Machine & elate / energy: Trip Hop breaks/beats, as an acrobatic frenzy. "Whirl-winding", visual & high span: Time-proportions & manuals.

Rhythmic, “Freak Hop/Funk Fusion,” snares & relative engineering methods. Based, on: Core shaping & architecture / super size: Shrinking concentrations. Consisting millions, of: Highly compact & coherent, acid systems. Of operative logics & flexible/reactive: Settings. Being: Boiled diethylamide. Into egging/pulsing: Blobs, of stable & eternal cold-flames. Which is: Smoking, with liquid synth & bubbling/streaming foam. The, flaming smoke: Peels/exocarps, all nearby atoms. The liquid flames, contains: Concentrated operating/performing, systems/stations. These, are binding the: Smoke flames, to the atoms. And, performing: “Momentary transformation.” By, channeled: “Light bending/metamorphosis.” Exchanging, the atoms: Core-structure & general behaviour/construction.

Maintaining, constant: Vintage design, of: Instrumental Funk Grooves. The remaining, research would consist, of: “How, to cause the all-consuming; eternal ember, lysergic imploding?” And, “how to cause: The expansion, to collapse outwards. In universal dimension, of: Eternity?”

(VELOPT) / a'z (&:) an. / kPH. - Down tuned, dub pace of: Amphetamine, trip & party hop. - Locomotive, cruise.

kPH / kilogen, per: Hundreds.

Styled values, for rhythm & harmony: vol. # "13´04+4" : format standard. Ex4 / difference points. "04'4;3-13" > "13,1.4:06" = Outstanding science & original, future pointed research, of: "Innovative technology."

The omni-scient & ultimate: "Formula, one." Art & mythology. Innovative execution, of: 100% final & “ultimate, originality.” Creating difference & transmitting, between: Geometrical drivels, “alphanumerics, and other tools.”

Rendered plan work, for: "Deep/heavy & inspiring", techno differences & calculations - For constantly, yet slowly & refreshing/updating, upon a: Trance beat, installation.

Of, the formula based: Bass & rhythm, engine for rendering. Being: “Compositional harmonic”, as “final & ultimate” transformation, upon some: Brute-forced material. Yet, with a “specially constructed: Scope.” In, it´s: Core setup structure. A scope, for the chosen: Detail mediums/general functions.

Transferring complete/total & diverse mirroring, to the: Unit´s characteristic details/serials, of general functions/propositional aspects, of hypersensitive scent perception spectre. And, prescribing further, onto identities, from being: transformed/metamorphic, in results. Also, being with: Constantly innovative & eternal, symbolic schemes. Formulated, as: *x*x” / “Repeat, all in: All, repeat.”

"VELOPT" - Refreshing, soft-morph, in a variable transformation-core : Experimenting; with abstractions, of negative mirrors/transmitting funnel filtering & siphoning arrays/ensembles.

Then, processing the rendering maintence; on a construction platform. The, renderer engine: Traces/tracks & maps/scans, to the formal analysis & data sheet. By, maintaining & storing: Data memory. Rendering strict format standards, as a mathematical & geometrically artistic: Schematic rendering & manual catalogue. Rendering strict format standards, as a mathematical & geometrical, artistic & Schematic: database, of practical function/relay & “behaviour related,” manual catalogues.

Rhythmically, rendering: Calculation differences, for repeating: Installation. Of, Transforming: Psy-Dream Dub & Deriving Downtempo / “Slower Paced, Innovation, of: Trance Formulas.”

Also, solving & preventing the: Surrounding, setup settings for “drival & related, concerns.”

The, beat relay interval is reviving, the “amphetamine-containers”/transformative conductor patterns & delay break rotations. Into: Funnel container, for spin loop. This preset, is looping by a: Recent income. Of, complete: Back-tracked (pre)PRG-empowerment reactors.

Then, for: Rendering, the final: Database, of manual schemes.

Ending, there is the translation; of: The schematic, manual & modular: Abstraction practice. Which, is done by replacing, the visual: Render's formative standard systems. With, an “alphanumeric” standard, format preset. Then, possibly completing / fulfilling: The “numeric alphabets” & “alphabetic, calculative systems”. By, making the eventual, simple: Adjustments. To, the formative settings & under, the rendered database´s dual, of: Translations/transmitting channel searching & net flood levling, in between languages.

BVL : research, formula terminology.

Read, the: VELOPT, research project & reports. - Re-inventive, formula © 2009 - 2015.