BVL : Bendik Viking Laland - Re-inventive, science artist & researcher. Read, about Bendik's: Childhood & research history. Among, with other: Art status & honour.

Curriculum vitáe / resumé / history, of: Artistic, career & prestiege.


Art galleries.

  1. “Darwin’s Jesus : The, First Hunter.” 2012 - Sitt Ned

  2. “Hitching Spots & Areas.” 2011 - Gallerie Gallerah

  3. “Contacts & Cables.” 2010 - Gallerie Gallerah

  4. “Graffention.” 2009 - Sitt Ned

  5. “Fading Sparks.” 2006 - Sitt Ned


Voulenteer work.

  1. “12pm.” 2013 - FaceBook

  2. “Modernisation.” 2013 - The English Language

  3. “Pub, Start Ups.” 2013 - Folqùe Café

  4. “Significant, Cash: Donor.” 2013 - NAV

  5. “Invention: Portfolio & 100 %, u-Help.” 2008 - Detail.pdf

  6. “Lectured for: Web 3.0.” 2006 - WHATWG & W3C

  7. “Cap Bond Start Ups, for: Production.” 2004 - FlexFit



  1. “Bought & named, to: Disguise, this site.” 2014 - BENDIK propaganda

  2. “Documentary: Colour, drivels.” 2014 - NRK

  3. “All Graffiti, should be: Legal.” 2014 - TA

  4. “Light processing: Serial, flexibility.” 2013 - ExtremeTech

  5. “Bendik, choose to be: Poor.” 2013 - NRK

  6. “Suppression, of the: Detail.pdf” 2013 -

  7. “Commenting, the: House trend, in art.” 2012 - Varden

  8. “Research project, code named: VELOPT.” 2011 -

  9. “Mystical: T-man.” 2009 - Varden

  10. “Logo design.” 2007 - M.I.O

  11. “Young, promising: Artist.” 2006 - TA

  12. “Web Design, Contest Winner.” 2005 - FHM

  13. “Painted, at the: North sea, vacation park.” 2005 - BP

  14. “Painted, several: Rooms. In, many: Houses.” 2004 - PD

  15. “Painted, on: Some, cars.” 2000 - Graffiti



  1. “Manfred Evertz’s, proffesional: Courses.” 2012

  2. “kHIB.” 2007

  3. “Porsgrunn, art: School.” 2004

  4. “Baby Stoner.” 1990


Bendik Viking Laland.

Bendik Viking Laland, is inspired by: Abstract Graffiti Psychedelia, Pompous Barouque, and somewhat from the: Expressionism. Bendik's visual theme, used to be: Ahead, of it's time. Bendik might also have found a connection between: General innovation / invention, and Graffiti. He has, in some of hes formulas: Described how Graffiti, can be innovative & Re-inventive.

Date, published: 31/08-2018.

Date, modified: 31/08-2018.

Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.

Prestige, of: Bendik, the artist.


The veloptive formularies, could replace all: Invention. And enable all: Innovation, for anyone. Being, a: Re-inventive code. The, first: Language veloptations, might become highly valuable. These are from, the year: 2009 / 2010.

Bendik, did make a: Step. By opening, for a possible: Textual reinvention. Among with introducing, for the: Light processor. And by creating, the: Calculations, for “Eternal Machinal Capacity.” Which is, a software only: Serial, energy addition. Requiring lots, of higher sophisticated: Programming.Bendik, has the aspergers benefit, of: Narrowed intelligence. Which, makes him especially: Great, in the arts. He has been, an: Artist. Since: 1995. And he, set course for: Formula one / innovation technology / artificial intelligence. Already, in the year of: 1990 / 1991. Then, he was only: Two, years old.

The combination, of: artistic research. Happened, in the year: 1990. And still, in: 2018. Bendik, is producing: Graffiti & artistic mirrors. Of, instant: Instances. Being, abstract manual: Science & schematic research. Upon geometric math, of: Ultimate, symbolic shaping. The BVL : VELOPT-project. Falls inside, the research category: “Outstanding: Science. Innovation, of: Future technologies. IT - Research, on innovation technology / artificial intelligence.”

This category, has been under: Research. Since, the: Baroque ages. Firstly, mentioned as “the science, of: Art & mythology.” Previously, being called “the road, to: Omniscience / Nirvana.” In, the far: Eastern part, of the world.In, the: 1930's. The task, changed to “research, on: Formula one.” Among, with the: Rise, of computers. Bendik, knows and writes: About, the computer origin. As, a: Protest, to the current & established capitalism. Formula one, is the refreshing science, of: Carbon based transmutation & inventive, innovation. Bendik, is hoping to contribute, inside: Innovation technology. With, hes: Alphanumeric calculator. Which, is sold: For development.

Date, published: 31/08-2018.

Date, modified: 31/08-2018.

Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.



  1. “Fluid Generaling.” 6 / 6.

  2. “Mathematical Characterisor.” 6 / 6.

  3. “Acrylic Painter.” 6 / 6.

  4. “Markour.” 6 / 6.

  5. “Researcher.” 5 / 6.

  6. “Inventor.” 5 / 6.

  7. “Post-Veloptivist.” 6 / 6.

  8. “HTML + CSS.” 6 / 6.

  9. “Innovator.” 6 / 6.

Inflicting adolescence.

Discovery, of the: Kaleidoscope.

When Bendik, was a very young child, he asked his father: What was, the most difficult work to do. Bendik’s father answered, that it was: “Research, on formula 1.” That was, when Bendik decided: To be, a researcher. He was given a short description, on what formula 1, was. When he concluded about setting up, for the researching. Later: The big disappointment, came. He was at the: Technical museum, in Oslo. He was playing with a: Kaleidoscope. He was thinking: The person behind this tool, has invented: Formula 1, already! Still: Bendik couldn’t understand why the kaleidoscope was there, in the museum, and not: The actual formula 1.It was then, that Bendik figured: He was the one: That understood the connection, between the kaleidoscope, and formula 1.

Although, that this: Tool. Might actually, have been: A fallen formula, within the field. Bendik decided, to use his knowledge about the kaleidoscope, in: His future “research, on innovation & technology.” Bendik, asked his mom: “How can I make a formula for everything?” She answered: “Perhaps you can draw it? You that are such an artist!”Nobody remembers what, the first drawing: Looked like. And it’s probably: Not important. After a little drawing, Bendik had figured the kaleidoscope, to be a key in the: Whole setting. He was addicted to: Making attempts on formula 1, while drawing. Which is why, he completely, went 100 % into: “Artistic innovation, of formula 1.”In the kinder garden, and in: Primary school, he was only drawing, or doing other kinds of art. However, he still were: Listening to the teacher, while drawing. Which, is how he could draw: General school lessons. And, attempt to: Innovate it.

Bendik, continued to study like that, throughout: Middle school. With his: Self learned, Graffiti styles. Later, he studied at an art specialised school, where he archived: Top grade, in all art classes + geometry. Further, he has studied at the: Bergen National Academy, of the Arts (khib - 2007.)The true research project, and attempts on: Formula 1. Began firstly, in: 2009. Later, in: December 2014. He has made maybe ten, written formulas for: Innovation, invention, or development.

Date, published: 31/08-2018.

Date, modified: 31/08-2018.

Publisher: BVL : Bendik Viking Laland.

Further competence.


  1. “Historian.” 3 / 6.

  2. “Analyst.” 4 / 6.

  3. “Calculator.” 4 / 6.

  4. “Originalist.” 6 / 6.

  5. “Designer.” 5 / 6.

  6. “Formulant.” 6 / 6.

  7. “Graffitant.” 6 / 6.

  8. “Image Editor.” 5 / 6.

  9. “Geometric.” 6 / 6.

  10. “Descriptive.” 6 / 6.

  11. “Creative.” 6 / 6.

  12. “Colorist.” 3 / 6.

  13. “Printing Engineer.” 5 / 6.

  14. “Prestige.” 1 / 6.

  15. “Promotor.” 3 / 6.

  16. “Scientist.” 4 / 6.

Explaining the research project, codenamed: “VELOPT,” from the: Beginning.

BVL : innovation & invention, formula research period.

  1. yr 1990.

    Questioning & broadening: Establishing, foundation. Mostly spontanic, looking up: Technical & working finesse. Experimenting, with: Results. Attempting, to construct & obtain: Informal machinery.

  2. yr 1991.

    Experimenting, with: Artistic & free, language. Challenged, to draw: Innovative. Informal & abstract: Analysis. Documenting & observing: Original mechanics. Abstracting: World, point of view.

  3. yr 1993.

    Automatic data bank & operational center, for: Analysis. Started, up on the: Hunt, for general. Setting up, the generation for: Mobile machine & operational terminal. Attempting, to draw & obtain: Calculative innovation. Based, on the: Analytic data bank.

  4. yr 1996.

    A, certain: Hinting. Onto: Graffital languages, in styles. Setting the: Standards. For, a variation in: Styled language. Code naming, each: Styled standard. Starting, the search for: Perfect drivels, inside installations.

  5. yr 2003.

    Creative & creational: Experiments. Research: Logic, in visual language. Calculative, innovation: Obtained. Renaming, the dragon style, to: “Cwes.” A flexible name, being: Up, to date. As the pencils, are sharpened. I figured, that i might be able, to dig: The total “Cwes.” Up, from any of it's: Difference points. Calculating, the: Language. Shaping, with: Massive expansion.

  6. yr 2005.

    100%: 3-Dimensional & 3D-fictional. Geometric calculations, for: 3D-drivels. In such young days, of finding the: Final formula uno. I realised, that i would spend, at least: 10 years more. With analysis, and: Manual research. And end, up with a tiny: Golden dust, of innovation. Attempting, to operate & obtain: Pure innovation, in process. Analyse it, and store it inside, the: Data bank.

  7. yr 2009.

    Keying, informal: Manuals & schematics. For innovation, during: Transformal processing. Opening, for: Transform innovation. Symbol, with the: Variation functions. Having, collected: Valuable material. Inspiring, for: Innovation. All further: Artistic research, on the subject. Was, put on hold, until: One year. Of, plan work: Setup & installation, had passed.

  8. yr 2011.

    Presenting, the: “VELOPT idea.” And, alerting about: Possible, innovative formularia. Pure, innovation: Obtained. Discussing, the: Possibilities. Attempting, to prove possible: Veloption. Starting research, on the: Veloptive formula. Attempting, to research & obtain: Innovative ultimates.

  9. yr 2012.

    Mirroring, onto the: Future, solution. Binding, the: Instanced, immolations. Innovative, ultimates: Obtained. Lapsing, the: Light. With: Time & space. Attempting, to explain the: True future, mirror equal. And, perform a: Veloption.

  10. yr 2013.

    Equalising, the: Mirrored, future. And documenting, the: Mirror, Adjustments. Veloptive, calculation: Performed. Reversing, to the: Frontal mirror. This, year: Veloptive innovation. Was performed, with: Success. An “aureka outbreak,” explaining the: Problem solved, were released. Attempting, to document & obtain: Mirror equalisations.

  11. yr 2014.

    Constructing the instanced manual, titled: Last first. Inscribed, with the: “*X*X” formularia. Constructed, with a complete: Central perspective, of lights. This year, the: Norwegian research council. Buys: Four formula, from BVL. The “*x*x” formula, gives a hint for: Equalised & future, mirrors.

  12. yr 2015.

    Alphanumeric: Differences, for drival. One singular & complete: Alphabetic mirror equal, was found. Reversing, to the: Frontal mirror. This, year: Veloptive innovation. Was performed, with: Success. An aureka outbreak, explaining the: Problem solved, were released. Project: End. Artistic manual, will continue with: Alphanumeric & predictive, mirrors.

BVL : contact.

Contact BVL. - Write, a: Message, to Bendik. / Recruit Bendik, for: Artistic research & scientific, practice.