BAVL - flow, of the: Anti bank & pack, unity float.

Bank registrants, personal: BEND, value unit - Yearly Flash, of Lotto & Victory in Unity Height.

Money & storage, current value: “12´312,20 bd's.”

BAVL anti, bank flow : monthly, account & reset course - Supply / Storage.

Bank of the Anti Gather, Unit of Opportunity : terms, of service - Loyal Notice : Notice & Reflect, by Respect.

First of all, do walk into a: Store and explain, the BAVL - anti bank policies, for the store salesmen & workers. If you are lucky, then this would be a: Huge store chain, with a “big manager.” If this person, should deny our: Unity valuta, of the global totals & pack unity. Then this denial only & simply means, that the store managers kind of: Money is to be staying inside, with the administrative parts of the society only. And the andministrative managers also, are invited to the: Folk & peoples, anti bank. Yet there is, no availability for: Currency & valuta trades, back to the old fashioned cash. Yet managers, are unable to run their: Store chains by themselves, if the workers should be fired. And all of the store workers, should be using the BAVL : Anti Bank Rates of Ambition - salary valutas only, for their daily trades. K˙tuurr.

Currently, the BEND : Valuta, aint registered. But the, registered researcher: Value determinators, are to be progressive & productive. Justifically judged only, by this amount and the critical claims of: What that, the hopeful unity & predictive future of the bending amounts & numbers. One day, might be: For a complete, totality. This banks: Currency are displayed as a, valid alternative to the 4217 ISO standards.

Capitalism capitulates.

Slowly but surely, every single rotten: Uselessness is convinced, and respected also among of the totals. Although that the BAVL - valuta, still not is: Registered as an, open standard. But anyway, there is no: Reason that we might, not be able to use it. There is just, a matter of: How many people, that we are together. It is important, to keep the: BAVL - anti bank, promotion running.

As of current, times & perceptions for: All value & currency, is about to fall into equality. And out, of all: Documented prices, there will be determined a true price work. Researchers of true value, are adviced to: Keep documentations, of product costs. Unit researchers also, are not to be in: Some kind, of product testing mode. You are, not in: Need and only, if someone is. Then you, may: Buy it, for them. Or even, present them for: This bank statement, so that they can buy it. Anti bank, current age limit is: 14, years.

If someone, denies these: True values, from the first anti bank. Then how can they, claim any: Value, for themself? A true, lie. And all machine log, might become: Available, at the right time. If someone, should be: Lying, about value. Yet this banks value, are to be: Deleted, as it is spent. This means, that: Nobody, should be excluded. There is, no: Supression, defidently anymore.

Once that, someone spends a: Bend, value. Then this value, are to be: Simply deleted, until the next payment & refill takes over. Upon unit deletion, then possibly a: Reciept could, be made. Be sure, to: Recieve enough, per unit. And please, do: Count with every, spent value unit as data. Do keep, a personal & digital: Notice about the money, and do not “crack the bank.”

Research, of true: Value, only.

If you are, to determine the: Value of a product, for sale. Then you have, a goal for: Reaching and you suddenly, have an eye for satisfaction. Yet for whatever cause, There is no such thing, as someone wandering and testing. Then you never, would be: Satisfyed for creation in the unity, or in with the opposite difference.

The anti bank, are to be: Stabilising in, both parts. Of the, traditional: Poverty, roots & relatives. This duality, are to be only: Equalising in, their ambitious development. Already supported as being restricted, and secured in all legal: Documents, and policies.

This page, is set for: Refreshment, every 30th of days. Do not, attempt to refresh it by: Yourself and please, do not use the BAVL : value units, only for uselessness. Also, you are to: Reach the same value, in your own minus. Registrants of this bank, are advised to: Determine, true product value. And write down the complete, valuta that each one: Spend by totals, for every month. Until that you, eventually have: Reached out for your, maximal unity units & account load limit. Only then, shall these: Money be true & great, and defidently in an eternal value.

Nobody would, suggest you for: Suddenly deleting, all of your total values. And amnesty international, would not: Like, to see. If the sudden & only, promised & true meaning of the: Singular ranked totality, and their values. Are being, driven to: Discrimination & disvaluement.